Track Your Order

Thank you for your order, please know our shipping details before starting order tracking.

We are a Chinese company, and our warehouse is in China. After receiving your order, our warehouse will pack your product and send the package to the corresponding logistics provider (this may take 2-3 days), You will receive notification of the shipment and a tracking number.

Step 1: Ship from China to the USPS warehouse in the United States or the warehouse of Canada Post (5-9 days)
Tracking link:

Step 2: USPS or Canada Post to the customer (2-3 days)
Tracking link:
Please note: Before USPS or Canada Post receives the package sent from China, the link will show that the package has not been received, and the tracking information will not be updated.

In summary, our order processing time is 2-3 days, and the shipping time is 7-12 days. Sometimes the shipping time will be longer than this range, this is normal. If you have any questions, you can contact our after-sales mailbox for help:

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